Trentham is proud of its combination of lovely new school facilities and grounds and tremendous history of providing quality education for Trentham and surrounds.

The first school (No 629) opened on 1 April 1860 with head teacher, Ebenezer A. Gilruth. The Presbyterian Church established the school in a rented building on land donated by Isaac Pearson on the northeast corner of Pearsons and Kyneton Roads.

In 1873, the Board of Advice (similar to today’s School Council but consisting of local residents) suggested that the school would be better positioned in a more central location, and the present site in Bridge Street opposite the Catholic Church was adopted.

In 1994, the school also merged with Little Hampton PS.

We moved into our beautiful new building in July 2009, with the school’s official opening by the Minister of Education the Hon. Bronwyn Pyke on 26 March 2010. The building was designed to create a light-filled and toasty environment, making the most of natural light and sustainable resources whilst built around welcoming teaching spaces for all round weather conditions. The first stage of the new building included an office and reception area, four classrooms, multi-purpose area and library.

In April 2011 the school also opened a spacious new building to house its arts, music and performing arts programs (funded through the Building the Education Revolution program).